Designing Your Living Room: How to Pick the Right Entertaining Furniture

While all of the major entertaining holidays are long behind us, that doesn’t mean your family can’t start thinking about redesigning or refreshing your living room to be a bit more guest friendly. By selecting the right pieces of furniture, your family can ensure that your living room will remain both comfortable, stylish and a welcoming place for any guests you may have. Since 1927, Mueller Furniture has helped St. Louis families furnish every room of their home. This month, we’d like to help you pick the right furniture for entertaining.

  • Sectional sofas. Whether you have a big family that loves to gather around the TV or you want enough space sectional sofa Mueller Furnitureto comfortably accommodate any guests, a sectional sofa is the perfect way to do both. We love sectional sofas for their ability to provide comfortable seating while also comfortably seating several people.
  • Reclining chairs. Everybody has a favorite spot to sit, and for many people, that spot is the perfect reclining chair. No matter your living room style, we have a selection of reclining chairs that will make any guest or family member fall in love. Whether it’s kicking back with a book or iPad – or catching a movie with the family – reclining chairs offer the perfect comfortable solution.
  • Entertainment center. What living room is complete without the right entertainment center? Maybe you like having guests over on Sundays to watch the game because you have the biggest and best TV on the block. No matter how great your TV is, an entertainment center can help bring your room together. Choose to proudly put it on display with a simple console or go all out and make the TV the focal point of your room with something a bit grander. Either way, an entertainment center is a great way to entertain your guests in comfort.

Whether you’re just starting out in a new home or looking to give your living room a new look, it’s important to find furniture that both fits your style and provides a comfortable place to entertain. Don’t be the house with the rock-hard chairs – be the house everybody wants to visit. Visit Mueller Furniture to find the right furniture for your living room or any room!

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