How to Protect Your Furniture from Your Pets

We all love our pets, but sometimes they can eat a hole in our pocketbooks—literally! If you aren’t careful, you will be replacing your couch, recliner, armoire, and any other household item, every couple years.  At Mueller Furniture, we value a fine piece of furniture and want to preserve it for as long as possible. Here are a few tips for you to chew (no pun intended) over the next time you bring a new couch to a home with pets.

Tip #1: Buy Toys

When a puppy is teething, they constantly have the urge to chew. It’s not their fault, but if you don’t offer up alternatives, they are going to turn to your brand new Flexsteel sofa into a teething ring. Be sure your pup has a variety of chew toys and that they are changed out regularly. Puppies, not unlike small children, become bored after playing with the same toys over and over again.

Tip #2: Positive Reinforcement

As previously mentioned, puppies and kittens are a lot like little kids. They sense negativity and feed off it when it’s in their vicinity. So when you see them chewing on their toy or scratching on their post, it’s essential you give them praise. If they can relate playing with their toys as a good thing, your furniture may be saved from harm’s way.

Tip #3 Keep their nails trimmed

If you’re an experienced cat owner, you know all about the problems their nails can cause. If they’re strictly indoor pets you might want to think about getting the declawed. This would eliminate frequent trips to the groomer for a quick trim. For a dog, their nails also need regular trimming to prevent scratching or snagging your new furniture.

At Mueller Furniture, it’s our goal to transform your house into a home!  Choose from hundreds of home furnishing items including: sofas, recliners, bedroom sets, Tempur-Pedic mattresses and much more. Shop online at or stop by our luxurious Belleville showroom and see what the buzz is all about.

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